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Nasty windscreen crater

Windscreen Repair Kit

Posted by Rob on January 13, 2013 in Equipment

If you travel any distance on the roads in Australia the chances are before long you’ll get a chipped or cracked windscreen. There is a generally a lot of debris on the edges of the roads that can be kicked up by passing vehicles especially road trains and travelling some unsealed roads is often accompanied by the constant sound of of gravel and rocks ricocheting off your vehicle .

Other brands may be available, but this stuff is easy to use and it works.

Other brands may be available, but this stuff is easy to use and it works.

Fortunately you can buy handy little windscreen repair kits at just about any car spares, camping or 4wd shop in Australia for around $20. These generally contain a small tube of  resin that is squirted into a crack or chip with the aid of a little plastic gizmo and allowed to set for 15 minutes or so in sunlight before the excess is scraped off and hopefully your damage has almost visibly disappeared and is structurally much stronger. The kits are easy and quick to use and ideal for immediate roadside repairs – this is something we would recommend, if you do get a chip or crack start to appear stop and repair as soon as possible. Rough roads can cause a crack to grow by the second to an unrepairable size. I speak from experience here as we got a small chip from a stone thrown up by a passing road train on just a normal sealed road, I waited until we pulled up at a camp spot an hour or so later to do the repair and the chip had grown into a nasty looking crack. To be honest I assumed a new windscreen would be needed and just used the repair kit to stop it from getting any worse before we could get to somewhere for a replacement. To my surprise the repair sealed up the crack so well that it is only visible when the light is shining a certain direction and we’ve since travelled thousands of km over some very rough terrain without it spreading any further. I was probably lucky here but had I repaired it immediately it wouldn’t have been such a risk, so grab yourself a repair kit and keep it somewhere handy!


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One Response to “Windscreen Repair Kit”

  1. Rob says:

    Since originally writing this we had another stone kicked up by a passing car that left a huge bullseye and crater. We pulled over immediately and the resin saved the day again. Although this one is far from invisible because I really didn’t have enough resin, it did convert a “fatal” windscreen injury into something we can live with until we get it replaced.

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