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End of one adventure, beginning of another?

Posted by Rob on April 17, 2013 in featured, Travelogue

We started this little adventure 427 days ago but now it is time to stop travelling. Back in Western Australia we came full circle a few days ago by returning to the familiar territory of the caravan park where it all began.

Our trusty steed and home for the last 14 months is being all cleaned up and is up for sale. I’m sure she’ll have yet more adventures but sadly not with us.

Looking for adventure of your own? Need Transport? Our trusty Troopy will get you there!


So what is next for us? That’s a very good question. Stopping in one place for a while, jobs, family…. but, I’m sure we’ll also be taking time to see more of the totally awesome Australia. So many places we never visited and so many we just skipped through plenty more mini-adventures to come! And until then we still have whole heaps of things to write about here to fill in the gaps in the map.

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One Response to “End of one adventure, beginning of another?”

  1. Sean Cane says:

    Congrats on a successful trip!

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