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HZJ75 Sway Bar mount

Buschi Bushes

Posted by Rob on March 20, 2013 in Pimp My Troopy, Thoughts

I know, I know the travelogue is VERY out of date, we are actually in Adelaide preparing to head back to Western Australia via the Nullabor to sell the camper, almost end of the road (even if there still is a very long road to travel there). Today, as part of the tidying up Buschi for sale, I treated the old girl to some new sway bar mounts and link bar bushes.

A simple task requiring a just a couple of spanners (gotta love the simplicity of the HZJ75). Oh yeah, it also included generous amounts of WD40 and a bit of swearing as a couple of the bolts were playing hardball, but got them in the end. I won’t provide a guide of how to do this as it is very simple and very obvious: unbolt, remove old bushes, clean up parts, add new bushes, do up the bolts.

So now we have some very stylish orange sway bar cushions and link bushes. Nice! And less of a clunk on the bumps and steering lock too.

Below is are some new and old photos, spot the new parts, sorry no prizes, yeah I’m mean aren’t I? If you compare the sway bar mount holes you might see why we had a bit of play and the odd clunk or two from the bar! As for the link bushes, they were just disintegrating.

That explains the clunking sway bar!

That explains the clunking sway bar!

Crumbling Bush

Crumbling Bush

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One Response to “Buschi Bushes”

  1. Angus Pryor says:

    Go the orange bushes! I can totally identify with the WD40 and elbow grease to get car bits undone. The towbar on our car is a killer to remove if we want to (for eg) attached a bike rack. Hope the trip went well.

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